Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is finally here!!!

About two weeks ago it started to be springtime here in eastern Texas.  I mean the azaleas were opening and redbud trees were blooming so we knew it was about Spring, right?
Now today we have a cool spell blown in during all the rain we have had.
But I don't think it will last long.  It is beautiful and sunny.
My front yard.
Also the front

I have to laugh at the header I have used.  When we were kids we waited for the Sears catalog to see what the new clothing styles would be.  This one is from 1942 however it is alot earlier than I would have waited for or seen.
Whatever way you use to determine if Spring is here, I am sure it will soon be in your location.

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ted and bunny said...

spring is here in the UK too- so gorgeous, the air smells divine!
Enjoy yours too