Friday, April 6, 2012

Roundtop/Warrenton Shows

We sneaked over last Sunday to see what we could of the shows.  As you know we usually go and
stay overnight at the Ant Street Inn and have 2 days to see as much as we can.  Last season I got
heat stoke so that slowed us some.
This year we could not be away overnight due to responsibilities in helping take care of my son
who had a botched surgery 6 months ago and is still healing.
We left early and did not tell anyone until we were far enough away to say we are out of town.
Ha Ha, really.
We stopped first of all at La Bahia which has always been one of my favorite shows.  It is in an
old German Dance Hall under some old Oak Trees and across from an old farm with two
dovecotes which are like what I would like to have to give my doves a REAL home. These are
for many dove couples. Here it is but only one dovecote shows in this picture.  The other has
fallen to the ground but it is still there.

After La Bahia we went on to Roundtop and then Warrenton.  I must say I enjoy
Warrenton more than any.  There is so  much variety there and less imported stuff
than you find in many shows. 
This year we branched out some and went across the street from Zapp Hall and met
some nice dealers there.

 I saw everything from Jumeau dolls to one booth called
the Wild March Hares. 

 This is what I enjoy, moving from booth to booth as well as from
era to era and old to older.
These shots are taken randumly and some are of La Bahia show and the others from Warrenton.
I am sorry I cannot tell you who some of these lovely booths belonged to.  In some there
was no one there at the time.  These  two   I can tell you were Theresa Cano's booth. We visited with Theresa and her husband Cruz for awhile before moving on to cover more ground.  This is the first
year we have missed her blog party but we were going back home soon.

The booth below is one of the most unusual I saw this year.  It was across from the Zapp Hall shows and was all books.  I took several of this booth, probably because I love books.  These books seemed to be flying through the air.

And below:

and this:

Entrance to her booth.

  A beautiful booth, also across from Zapp Hall.

  A favorite booth of mine each season at La Bahia.  A sign of our current economy is that they had a note that this is their last show. 
Here another sign of the economy.  You cannot ignore this.  But in the past this booth took up the entire end of the La Bahia building.  Now it is reduced to less than 1/8th of the former size.  The most blue china I saw anywhere.  This booth has some wonderful flow blue.

HAVE YOU EVER seen so many of these glass shoes in one place?  Not me.

Very pretty.

Beautiful use of color above:
And here: they had tents for parties and even a dog house tent.

Tablescapes of all kinds were seen.
More of this aqua or turquoise or azure, whatever you call it.
This jewelry display was lush.  What more can I say.

And this lady's booth was another that took my breath away.  Hanging lamp shades.
I have a few more of her  booth as well.  Below one of the most innovative uses of suitcases I have seen.  She painted these all that color again which I call turquoise.  Then used them for her counter.
This lady had talent.  She was across from Zapp Hall actually behind the buildings.

I have many  more photos and will try to get them ready as I have time.
But this final one which is a message for all of us:

Today is Good Friday.  We are silent today but Sunday we  rejoice for HE is Alive.
Happy Easter to you all.

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