Wednesday, April 18, 2012

May 5 Event in Huntsville

This year because we are not having the Airing of the Quilts event except every other year now, we
are having a new event called " Art, Antiques and Autos" on the downtown courthouse square.
There will be art exhibits and sales, antiques booths as well as in the 7 downtown antique shops.
There is the following:  Callie Magee Antiques(myself), McAdams Antiques, Sam Houston
Antiques Mall, Bluebonnet Antiques Mall(oldest shop in town), River Cuntry Antiques, Nicht in
Time Antiques and Fisher Antiques(newest one located a block off the Square).  In addition
there is Kate's gilded Lily on Highway 190 slightly out of town. 
At the Downtown Art Antiques and Autos there will also be appraisers on hand to tell you how much an antique is worth.  More info to come on that.
Also, the third part of that is autos.  There will be classic and antique cars as well as trucks and
tractors. Come and choose your favorite!!

There will be food vendors including the wonderful kettle corn which my husband always buys.
The Farmer's Market will also be located on the Square beginning that day.
This is a good time to see Huntsville if you have not been.
We have many museums here:  Sam Houston Museum with three Houston homes restored there,
TX Prison Museum with many artifacts from early prison history and items belonging to the
Bonnie and Clyde Gang.   There is the HEARTS Veterans Musuem and conference center
with such great exhibits pertaining to all wars fought in and for the US. 
There is also the Gibbs Powell House Museum circa 1862 with tours and on this day a
salad luncheon for $ 8. including the tour.  Always wanted to see how they lived in that era?
This is your chance to sit around in the main dining room and have lunch.
So much more to see and do here.
If you like, dress in period dress for the fun of it.
Come join us and if you do, please stop in at my store and say hi.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

No airing of the quilts? Why not have it every year. I hope you guys have a great turn out. I always seem to have other plans. I'll have to stop by soon and visit with you.

Pie Lady Pat said...

Another season underway in the land of Texas bluebells and I am not there! A new lady to our quilt guild from Texas showed her gorgeous bluebells quilt at Show and Tell last meeting... absolutely stunning!

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