Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer rain

We have been so thankful for all the rain this past month.  We are no longer under drought conditions.
Also, it brought cooler temperatures.  This time of year that is very important.
We have been a little busier at the store for which I am also grateful. It is the time of travelers to
our town.  Lots of the retired people are traveling with grandchildren.  It is sometimes hard for
the kids, being dragged into an antique shop but I suppose a certain amount of bribing has gone
on before they get to us.

James and I have enjoyed the past two weeks because we have had a mother deer with her two twin
babies following her around the golf course which is behind our house.  The little ones are
adorable with their spots but the best thing is watching them running.  They will run full speed
in one direction and then full speed back the other.  We have laughed and laughed at them.
Also, I must mention we have been infested with crickets.  Especially at the store.  When I open
up in the morning there are 20 or 30 who try to get in the door(out of the heat I guess) and
about as many who were trapped inside the day before and are trying to go out.  They don't
know what to do.  I have been putting a bowl of water out for them daily plus some crackers to
eat.  Same for the ones trapped inside.
I went to google to find out what crickets eat and it said almost anything.  .
I grew up with a Mother who said it was bad luck to kill a cricket so I would never do that!!!
I don't believe in her old sayings now but still it is hard to kill a cricket, walk under a ladder,
cross where a black cat has crossed, and many many more.
Everything is green again here in East Texas.  Wonderful to be fully green again.
I have not had time to post lately so I apologize for that to my friends out there in blogging land.
Have a good rest of July.

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