Friday, August 3, 2012


What do you think of when you see that wonderful old white lingerie hanging somewhere
for sale at an Antique show  like Roundtop/Warrenton or Canton?
To me it represents the purity of that time about 1860's to 1900, the work also that went into
washing those articles in that day, and the way the items would have felt next to your body
while sleeping.

The advertising above shows some of these items.
And above, a corset cover from the 1800's.
The little ribbons add some flair to a plain white cotton item.
Note the clothesline at the ceiling level.  This is all 1800's white lingerie from the store.
I suppose if I had to choose my favorite thing we carry in the antique clothing boutique of the store,
this would be it.
I try to care for it as best I can.  I keep lavender water to spray it weekly in that area because it
seems bugs do not like lavender.

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Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Your hats are beautiful, love the under garments in white.. Newest follower.. Hugs, Cindy