Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello out there.

Have you redone anything in your home recently?  I am working on the little study which
suffered from a leaky roof recently.  It ruined a section of the original walnut panelling and
of course, the carpet.  Also the wooden plantation blinds. Roof has just been fixed so now I
am ready to move into redecoration.

Now I am trying out ideas about how to redecorate.  I am not sure I want to replace the
carpet with carpet.  Do I change to hardwood?
The drawback I see is the walnut panelled walls.  Wouldn't that be too much wood?
In addition, there are wall to wall bookshelves in wood along one side of the room.
I realise that carpet is quieter and for a study you should have quiet.  But everytime
I turn on HGTV there they are installing hardwood floors. But then there are those
dark Walnut plantation blinds and the panelling and the bookshelves ALL WOOD.

I cannot remove the bookshelves, so  don't suggest that.  I don't want to take down all
the original walnut panelling.  It is good with a little work to repair the one side near
the window where the rain came in.

The main thing holding me back now is the flooring.  I would appreciate your ideas
and suggestions.  Picture you  might send as well.

The room is not too large.  On one side we have my husband's large Ethan Allen
rolltop desk which is 30 years old I believe.  The built in side has the bookshelves
and a desk area where I have the computer. I also have a wing back chair and
small lamp table. I think my husband is giving the desk to our son who should come for it
at Thanksgiving.

I have so  many ideas it seems they are all holding me prisoner.  It is time to do something.
Do I order more carpet?  Do I go with wood flooring?  Do I use the travertine used in
the entry?

The more I think the more I am at a mental block.
Please tell me your ideas.  The room is about  9 ft by 12 ft. with a huge window at the
end and the door into the room at the other end.  Any comments from decorators out there
are appreciated whether professional or not.

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