Sunday, May 12, 2013

Butlers Pantry update

Some of you may remember I was trying to take back over the use of the Butlers Pantry in our
home from my dearest husband James.  He had early on when we moved here about 20 yrs
ago taken over the cabinets in there for his own things, such as tools.

I recently felt that it was time to use it as it was designed and started making comments about
how much I could do with some additional space. A hint here and there.  You know how we
do it!!

Well, when I was running around with twice the thyroid hormones you should have
prior to surgery I got really ambitious and decided to do something positive in there.
I got more done during those months than ever in my life.  I had never had that kind of energy.

So, I convinced him that he could use a huge walk in closet also in the room
instead that has shelves all around it.  He said it will never fit.  That challenge was all I needed.
I got to work and moved(and organized) all his tools and thingys. It was amazing how
it looked and how organized it was.  He couldn't find a thing and had to ask me where
things were but other than that, well this was wonderful to have all this space available
for me.

I moved in!!!
I unstashed things which had been in boxes still(yes after 20 yrs) and some items from
the garage, others which were hidden in cabinets in the laundry room. 
There was also his treadmill in there which had not been used in probably 5 yrs.  James
walks plenty through the day when he is downtown with me at the store. He goes on
errands and walks when I would ride.  He goes to the Health Food store to confer with
Blaine on anything and everything.  He goes to the post office.  He walks to the
Jeweler's where the estate jewelry goes for cleaning etc.
So he did not need or want this treadmill.  My son who is disabled could use it and does
now that it has gone to his house. 

So it was a huge housecleaning.  I won!!! When my two grandsons came to move the
treadmill to their Dad's house,  I asked them to move in an old chipped and worn
pie safe.  It needed painting but I had no time.  I was going into hospital in 2 days
and this must all be finished by then.

So you will see it here as it was coming from the garage.  Someday I may paint it or
NOT.  My husband does not think it looks right in our house which is more formal, but since it is in the BP and not a room where we have people usually, he is letting me have my way. The BP is a large room itself.
This is a very large pie safe which cannot be told from this picture.  It is over 6 ft tall
and probably over 4 ft wide.
There are the two nice deep drawers below and on top a ledge which is perfect for baskets
as you can see I used it for.
  On top of that is the French Alps cabinet or bookshelf
I got from friend Bea.  It belonged to her parents' chalet in the Alps where she went as a child during the summers.
Here a closer look at it.  It is not a small thing itself but it looks small on top of this white(long ago) pie safe. The pie safe is from Tennessee and dated about 1850-60.
These shelves were heavenly for me.  I had no idea what I would place on them, they were so high up.
Lucky for me we have 12 ft ceilings even in the Butlers Pantry.  I can put lots more on the Chalet shelves and will.  I have a set of antique spice jars I think will look nice and they are blue and white, of course.
I looked on the internet and pinterest at pictures of BP's and dreamed but so much reality was harsh.
HA HA  Isn't that how those places are?  Dreams. I love Pinterest. I consider it my coffee break every time I get to peruse it. Or a mini-vacation.
Well,  remember I had all these extra thyroid hormones and a fast heart rate and irregular which is why I needed the surgery.  So I wasted no time.  I jumped right in to decorating.
I dug out things I needed a place for.  My grandmother's old pressure cooker which I had gotten a few years ago from my aunt.  Sorry for the bad pictures.
My grandmother Effie used this every season of her life.  She died in 1960's.  She worked daily in her gardens: vegetable, flower and roses, and fruit orchard and canned everything that looked like it was edible.  Bless her for her hard work and hard life. A fine woman who spent her early mornings reading her Bible and her evenings with classic literature.  She was such a good woman. I was told I favored her in looks and if so I am grateful for the cheekbones and the dark blue eyes. I know my grin is from my mother though, not Grandmother Effie.

Here she was at age 16.  A dreamer for sure but she knew how to work as well. She always made her own clothes from even this date. She is the one who wrote "A lean on a post" on the picture.  Probably her only rest for that day was leaning on that post!!!!  I love this picture of her.
But back to the BP:
I also now had room for the party coffee urn which I rarely use but needed space for it.  The white Wedgwood ironstone demi-coffee set which was a gift from my son Michael in LA. above.
 and the old cheese keeper,  some  blue and white china , a set of French oyster plates, several Provencal bowls and also a set of 1920's black mixing bowls.  I collect everything it seems.
Also, what else?  Carving board,  morter and pestle, a Limoges luncheon set.
Then on top,  lots of French baskets, a casserole set, small black hand painted clock on the shelves above which I am not done with yet.  Crocks also.
I am also moving gradually from other places in the house my collection of
handpainted trays and French enamel. 

That is enough for now so will show more of my 
change in the BP next time.  I will show you the wall decor next time.  At this time I have large posters and other prints.  Also the BP needs a special door.  I found one on Pinterest that was actually two small doors with glass panes which I love.  We will see what I use but even though I love people who can use a screen door there I don't think it goes in this case. Any ideas?  Standard door size.
Oh and here the little ice cream table and 2 of the 5 chairs I have in the BP.  When the family all comes we move this into the kitchen area for the youngest.
Who knows what project is next!!! This BP was not one I had planned on in advance but it came about fast and furious.  Some good things are just that way.  Un-planned.
As you can tell I did survive the surgery and I am starting to feel very well.
The out-of-sight energy is gone and I will miss it when I have something I need to get done fast, but the irregular and fast  heartbeat, especially when trying to sleep at night are not missed at all.
I can sleep again naturally.  Thanks to God for His care.

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