Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lords of War

Over a year ago I had a phone call from a young lady who told me she found my blog
and wanted to discuss some of the items in my store with me.  This was not unusual
as many people call to inquire if a certain item is for sale.  As we were talking I understood that she was only interested in the militaria items which are on my blog ongoing.

She was a producer of a proposed new TV show and wanted to know more about the items
I have.  Well we talked awhile and she said I will send you an email describing in more
detail.  She did so immediately and I began to take an inventory of the antique military items
in the store and in my personal possession.

We talked off and on for weeks and I sent pictures and she asked more questions.
Finally we had narrowed down the items she was interested in.  She told me a little more
about the show they were working to produce. It would be called "Lords of War" and the host would be Sean Rich who appeared often on the Pawn Stars as their authority  they call in to give them information on weaponry and anything to do with military items or items used for war no matter what period they may be from.

About 6 months later I got another call and they were arranging a place to have their
show in our area.  Houston won the bid because they wanted it to be available for the
largest turnout. I was told to come that day if possible and present my item for their
auction and the show. They would be advertising for people to come and bring items
of interest to film on the show and better still to be appraised free of charge.

We went to Houston on the day  they were set up to review my items and those others who repsonded to the ad. I had narrowed it down to 2 old guns of my father's and a bullet mold which I had
bought here at the store.  We were there for quite awhile and I was filmed with Sean Rich, star of the show and gun expert. He appraised all the items I took but only one made the actual show.  A bullet mold.  I thought is was much later period from  about TX revolution or Civil War but it turned out to be older, perhaps circa 1780.
If you do not know this about him,  he is proficient in much more than guns. He is
an underwater diver, consultant to movie studios for their movies, including
Pirates of the Carribean, and much more.  And on top of all that knowledge, a
first class gentleman.

I enjoyed my day filming so much.  It was like you see on TV when they stop
and go and start again with the cameras. The Director was nice and said he usually
yells alot but just for me he would not do that today. Every one there was very nice
to us. The crew was just great!!! They were filming all day with different people who came because of their ads.

I wanted to give you a look at what it is like to go on a show such as this for an average person.

My family called me a few months later and said it was on TV last night.  Just wanted to share 
my big one-time TV career with you all. You never know when it could happen to you.

PS  I wrote this a few months ago and never posted it.  Now that it is seen over and over on the
pilot of the show I felt I should post it. I looked very tired here in our photo because it was hot as usual in Houston but the lights made it more so.  I was drooping from the heat.  Picture of myself
with Sean Rich and my husband following the filming.