Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentine's Day soon

This is one of my favorite holidays after Easter and Christmas.

I know many are alone at this time in their lives, and for you I would suggest celebrating it by giving yourself an antique Valentine each year and display them for years each Valentine's Day. I know they
are easily found in antiques stores, such as mine(I have about 50 for sale) and also online at Etsey, etc.

I have accumulated quite a few and I often see them framed for your powder room or private space.  They are delightful as art work.  You can do a whole wall with them but they also look really well with silhouettes.

I just enjoy my antique postcards all year long such as in a bowl on a table or sometimes stretched out on my baby grand piano.  This way they are for all seasons.

Whatever you do with yours,  they are something to cherish from an earlier day. 

What about the heart shaped boxes of chocolates?  I have begged my husband NOT to give me chocolates because I cannot regulate their consumption.  I eat them right away.
A romantic book from olden days is a good gift.  It is something you can place on a table also. 
This English Chippendale transferware by Johnson Bros. is a favorite of mine to use for that special day. 
A table setting in the store.

This is a lovely framed heart made by my friend Norma of old jewelry.  She sells on Etsy.

 A cute little cake pan shaped like a heart.

So whatever you do to celebrate Valentine's Day,  enjoy it at little all year long.

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