Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wonderful Springtime

We have had lots of rain but spring is finally here in all it's glory!!

We have had lots of events here in Huntsville.  First the Chippy Garden Show at the Fairgrounds, also the County Fair, Airing of the Quilts, Folk Festival and some more to come.

I have been turning the storeroom at the store into a retreat for my kitty, Marlin. He hates to be left home
and is so spoiled that I felt it would be fun to give him a space at the store where he can stay while I have
customers in the store and he cannot wander around.  He would run out the door and has no claws
plus the traffic is so bad in front.

He sleeps a lot, his age is almost 12, and since he lost his older sister a few months ago,  we have tried
to not leave him alone very long anyway. He is a Burmese. Here is his picture:

So he is my baby.

His little space will have a twin sized bed for his little and often naps. He is very particular so will have to bring his heating pad which he won't lie down without.
On a very low temperature and I checked with his Vet who said it is ok unless he were confined with it where he could not leave.  He has a baby quilt too.

Am I crazy?  Some would say yes. But when your kids are grown,  grandkids busy and not available to love on as much as you would like, well, then this is the best

Note:  His claws were removed before we got him.  I wouldn't ever do that to a kitty.

I am also moving things around in the store for a new look.  You will have to wait a couple of weeks to see how that turns out.  What I have done so far gives me
hope for those changes about to happen.

Stick with me, friends.  I will be more attentive to my blog in the future. My store is open only Thurs. Fri. and
Sat.  We do not have traffic enough on other days to make it worth being open any additional days. Most of
my customers come from out of town so they are happy with my schedule.  If business got really busy again
then I might be open more days, however now I am used to this,  I may not go back.

See you soon,

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Bea said...

So happy to read you again!
Can't wait to see new pictures.