Saturday, October 31, 2015

Veteran's Day upcoming

Hello everyone,

Things are very busy for me these days with my husband's illness.  I am open now only Fri. and Sat. at the store.  He has a place here at the store to go and lie down when he needs a nap or rest.  He and
the cat Marlin are a great pair.

I am not too attentive to this blog due to all that.

So a few patriotic pictures in observance of Veteran's Day coming up soon. Items all in store.

We owe a great debt to all our military people past and present. 

A Spanish American War soldier with drum:

WW 2 Sailor US Navy uniform.

WW 1 Soldier photograph and frame.
  Gas mask and bugle plus other items from WW1.

USS Texas picture.  Now moored.
WW 1 Soldier uniform includes hat, helmet, leggings and dog tag.

Some patriotic clothing from the vintage clothing room here at store.

Thanks for checking on my blog.

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