Friday, December 14, 2012

Merry Christmas to all

I know it is not yet Christmas but with the busy Christmas we plan to have I wanted to say this before all the traveling begins.  To each of you who pull up my blog through the year,
I wanted to thank you for following me through the good and the bad of 2012.

We will begin our traveling Christmas on Dec. 21 when we fly from Houston to Los Angeles
to spend Christmas with my husband's family in Paso Robles.  After we arrive at LA
we will have a long drive in rental car to their home.

This year is particularly special for my husband.  His son who lives in Greece will be there
with his own two sons.  The other son who lives in CA will also be there, but he goes each
year, with his three children.  Plus all 3 of my husband's brothers with their own families.
We only attend every other year.

After the time with them, we return to Los Angeles and the flight home to Houston.  After
we arrive back here in Huntsville we will have one day here with my son and his family
before leaving again to go to Lake Charles, LA for Christmas Eve and Day there with my other son and his family.  We
will return on Christmas evening and spend that evening again with the son who lives
here who has been so  ill all this past year, with his family.  Then it is back to work as usual on the day
after Christmas.

Why such a hurried trip?  Well,  I could only get 2 work days off because the 2 ladies who
work for me could not spare more at this time of the year.  Since I am closed Sunday
and Monday I have those as free days.

I don't think we will have time to enjoy much of the holiday but this will prove to us
we can celebrate our Lord's birth from any place on the globe.  It is in our hearts

PS:  Due to a rediculous comment left by some sad person ,  I will no
longer have comments.  And a note to the one who left it:  You have a sad outlook on life.  Just because someone has hurt you,  get up and try again.  Laugh like you have never been hurt. It could change your life. Merry Christmas to you too.